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Volunteer Opportunities

Help make Crown City Con the best gaming convention possible. Assist us with setting-up and tearing-down the venue, manning the registration desk, merchandise sales, running special events, and other tasks.

Crown City Con is a two day con with continual gaming 24 hours a day from opening on Saturday morning until closing on Sunday evening. We need volunteers for both days and all hours, plus before and after the convention for set-up and tear-down.

We ask that volunteers commit to working at least 4 hours. If you volunteer for at least 4 hours, we will give you a free Crown City Con t-shirt! If you work for 6 or more hours, we'll also give you a free Volunteer Badge, which gets you in the con for free! If you really want to volunteer but cannot commit for at least 4 hours, let us know and maybe we can work something out.

How to Volunteer


Please submit the Volunteer Application to the right (or below for mobile users) and be honest in your availability. You should receive a confirmation on this page after submission. Once we have received enough applications to begin constructing a schedule, we will contact you with proposed shifts. After you commit to those shifts, we will issue you a Volunteer Badge (if applicable) so you can register for gaming events.


We ask that if you do decide to volunteer, please commit fully. Your fellow gamers will be depending on you. We obviously understand that life sometimes gets in the way, but please try to be there for your shifts unless it's an emergency.


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