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10% off Online Badge Sales!!
As a reward to all those who attend our premier convention in 2018, we are offering a 10% discount on ALL badge sales! This is in addition to our already low prices for Pre-Registration badges. Look for the following discount in your cart at checkout:
"Gotta Love That New Con Smell"

How to Register

There are two ways to Register for Crown City Con: Buy a badge at the door, or Pre-Register online beforehand.  Pre-Registration is as simple as few clicks to get your badge.

All Online Registration will be done on our Tabletop Events page. Just click here and you will be directed there. After you register for Tabletop Events, you can go to the "Attend" tab and click "Get Your Badge".

Why Pre-Register?

  1. Buy your badge before the con and save some money. Pre-Registration badges are 20% cheaper than at-the-door prices.

  2. Sign up online for Events as soon as they are submitted and approved. Once the con opens, you will only be able to attend events that have space remaining.

  3. Save time at registration. We'll have your badge and event tickets printed out and ready to go. Just pick them up and start gaming.

  4. Did we mention it was cheaper? Buy early and save your money for caffeine and sugary snacks!

What Next?

Once you have a badge,  you are able to sign up for individual scheduled events. Check our Events Schedule frequently, as it will be updated constantly as new events are submitted, approved, and scheduled.

 Badge Types 

These are the badges available for purchase. Each one gives you access to all open events for the whole weekend and allows you to sign up for scheduled events.

Adult Weekend Pass

For all those older but maybe not so grown up gamers.


Adult Pre-Registration Badge

Adult Weekend Pass at a discounted price.


Student Weekend Pass

For Students of all sorts Age 13-17.


Student Pre-Registration Badge

Student Weekend Pass at a discounted price.


Child Weekend Pass

For Children 12 and under. Must be accompanied by an adult badge holder. 10 and under must be with an adult at all times.


Easter Egg Alert

Look for special discounts available at checkout.

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