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GMs are the fuel that makes the con run -- Let’s gas up the tank!

Game Masters Needed!!
Crown City Con is all about gaming and we want to provide the most gaming goodness possible. Our organizers plan a plethora of exciting events, run by some of the best folks in gaming, but we can't do it all by ourselves. We rely on volunteer Game Masters (GMs) to submit and run events for the enjoyment of the attendees.

Whether you call yourself a Dungeon Master, Game Master, Referee, Judge, Storyteller, Host, Moderator, Facilitator, Keeper of Arcane Lore, or anything else, you are the heart of Crown City Con. Without you, games just don't happen.

How to Submit

To run a game or host any event, you will need to submit an application. This is done through our convention management site on Tabletop Events. We encourage you to sign up there and get busy submitting events to your heart's desire. If you are new to Tabletop Events, follow the instructions in our handy guide:


Once your event(s) is approved, you will receive an email and it will be added to the schedule of events. After we have enough submissions and the schedule is complete, we will open ticket sales and players can start signing up for your games.

We encourage you submit as many events as you wish to run at this year's convention. We also recognize that as a gamer, you probably want to play games too. For this reason, we reward our GMs who run at least 4 hours worth of scheduled events with free admission and a complimentary Game Master Badge. Get out from behind the screen for a change and have some fun!

In addition to your complimentary badge, we will also give you a free Crown City Con T-shirt. Other perks and swag may also become available as we receive  donations from our sponsors. We'll make sure you get a share of the booty.

Submit an Event Now

Some Guidelines

Different types of event s have some different standards. While the submission system is awesome, it does have some limitations. here's a few things to keep in mind when creating and submitting games:

Roleplaying Games

Set up in 4-hour time slots, with an hour between sessions and 2 hours each for dinner and breakfast. We will have two tracks running simultaneously so games in one track will start and finish one hour apart from games in the other. Click the image below to view the tracks:


When we make the schedule, we will try to match your game to the track which most matches your preferred time, if possible. If you have a need for anything other than a 4-hour time slot, contact us.

Board Games

Most board gaming will be done as open gaming or Play to Win, but if you wish to run a scheduled board game, it can be done at pretty much anytime during the convention. When we schedule it, we'll look out for conflicts with special events and such.

War Games / Miniatures

Events in this area will primarily be scheduled by our Wargaming Czar. However, If you wish to run a separate event of any sort, please feel free to submit it.

Card Games (CCG/TCG)

We will have open play throughout the convention as well as events scheduled by our Card Czar. However, if you wish to run a separate event of any sort, please feel free to submit it.


A special note on Tournaments

Tournaments and other multi-round events need to be set up carefullly so tickets are not sold to players who have not qualified for a particular round.  If you have any questions, contact us before submitting your event and we will have the Game Czar for your event type work with you to get it inputted correctly.


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